Commodities are our life

Experts in trading, marketing and logistics in the area of bulk fertilizers and commodities for a wide range of different industries


Hexagon Group AG was established in Zurich, Switzerland at the beginning of November 2018.
The company is owned by its managers and outside investors.

The members of the management bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the company that grants competent, reliable, professional and efficient service to our business partners, to suppliers, customers, ship owners, warehouse and tank owners, financial institutions and tens of other specialists who all contribute to the success of our business. Our investors have impressive track records both as entrepreneurs and as executives. They have decided to invest in Hexagon because they share our ideas, our values and our passion to build something special.


We believe in integrity, reliability, honesty, hard work, professionalism, long term views, passion and team work. We are convinced that as long as we stick together and align our goals, we will be successful. We know that there are good times and bad times, and we have no doubt in our mind that bad times are big opportunities; opportunities to learn, to be humble, and eventually rise again better and stronger.

We put “quality” above “quantity”. It goes without saying that we want to grow our company, but we deem it more important to always be good, actually to be best in class. Being best in class doesn’t necessarily mean to be the biggest, but it proves that you are doing your job right. We always want to do our job right!

«We are operating very locally with all our business partners, but at the same time we are very global. The world is our territory, each location is our home.»
William Giger, VP Operations
«The biggest compliment we can get from all our business partners is when they look forward to repeating the business with us.»
Francisco Ayala, VP Trading
«The biggest reward we can get from our people is when they come to work with a smile in the morning, and when that smile is even bigger when they go home in the evening.»
Christian Wendel, Executive Chairman


  We want to be best in class.
  We do not trade weapons, cigarettes and alcohol.
  We treat our suppliers, our customers and our financial institutions with highest respect and care.
  We are a fair, correct, reliable and professional partner to our service providers.
  We are firm believers in "win-win" business.
  We want to earn our profit by adding value, progress and well-being to all participants involved in a transaction.
  We have a long term view.
  We respect the environment and promote green solutions.
  We are compliant with the law and we conduct our business in an ethical manner. Fairness is one of our key traits.
  We do not make any and do not accept any bribes.
  We are a valuable member of the communities where we are conducting business, and where our offices are located.
  We take care of our people because without them, the company would not exist.


Executive Chairman Hexagon Group AG

CEO Hexagon Trading AG

CEO Aries Fertilizers Pte Ltd

CEO Triptik Trading SA

Executive Chairman

Chief Executive Officer

Member of the Board

Member of the Board

Member of the Board

Senior Advisor on UN Affairs to the International Fertilizer Industry Association

Chairman of Bank J. Safra Sarasin AG and member of the Board of J. Safra Sarasin Holding AG


Hexagon Group AG Switzerland
Baarerstrasse 63
6300 Zug

Phone: +41 44 210 02 00
Email: info@hexagon-group.com
Hexagon Chile SpA
Manquehue Norte 1901
Santiago de Chile

Phone: + 56 9 4401 1363
Email: santiagodechile@hexagon-group.com
Email: rodrigo.hernandez@agenthexagon-group.com
Hexagon Group B.V.
Parklaan 34
3016BC Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Email: rotterdam@hexagon-group.com
Agent for Hexagon Group AG in Egypt
15, Mohamed Said El-Halawani
Apt. 31 Heliopolis
Cairo, Egypt
Email: cairo@hexagon-group.com

Mr. Jihad Karam
Phone: +20 222667818
Mobile: +20 1222136273
Email: jihad.karam@agenthexagon-group.com

Ms. Nouran Samaha
Phone: +20 111 116 7216
Email: nouran.samaha@agenthexagon-group.com
Agent for Hexagon Group AG in Greece
Mr. Joseph Efthymiadis
Eurofertrade LP

Phone: +30 210 9659081
Mobile: +30 6944 681433
Email: joseph.efthymiadis@agenthexagon-group.com
Agent for Hexagon Group AG in UK
Mr. David Harrod
Badger Consultants Ltd

Phone: +44 7917 212 282
Email: david.harrod@agenthexagon-group.com
Agent for Hexagon Group AG in South Korea
Mr. Lee Dong-Hyun
CTI future
618/619, Queenpark 11, 212
Gonghangde-ro, Gangseo-gu
Seoul 07806, South Korea

Phone: +82 10 5035 7656
Email: donghyun.lee@agenthexagon-group.com