Hexagon Green Fund

Thousands of experts and scientists are trying to assess the impact of our lifestyle and come up with solutions as to what we must do to stop this development but at the same time ideally keep our standard of living in the first world, and enable the second and the third world to raise their standard of living to our level.

This is a global problem that can only be solved if we all work together. We are aware that we as Hexagon can’t rescue the world, we also know that we do not have the expertise to present solutions for these complex problems, however what we can do as a company is support those who have ideas, skills and the stamina to make the world a cleaner place. The “Hexagon Green Fund” supports projects, private initiatives and organizations that are engaged in different forms in the protection of the environment. The projects are chosen carefully, they must be totally disconnected from politics, and they must pass our compliance respectively KYC requirements.

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