We are choosing our individual projects carefully: We do only support organizations that are secular and non-political, we are paying attention that these organizations have a low overhead, and that they are properly audited. We support our employees to take an active role and visit these organizations.

For the year 2020, we have decided to support the following two organizations:

Turkish Education Foundation (TEV)

Founded in 1967, TEV has gained a strong reputation for its honesty, integrity and commitment to improve the lives and career opportunities of its scholars. In line with its equal opportunity for education purpose, TEV provides thousands of scholarship every year in addition to building education facilities and supporting its scholars with online training and mentorship programmes.

Hexagon has set up a scholarship fund, called “The Hexagon Group Scholarship Fund” which will support a group of undergraduate students studying Agricultural Engineering or Medicine from September 2020 on.

Talita Fundacio Privada

Hexagon is sponsoring this private Spanish foundation that is dedicated to support children and young adults with intellectual and mental disabilities. Talita is accompanying these children and young adults from the moment when they are born, during the school years at both regular and particular schools and helps them with their integration into adult life.

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