Hexagon partners with ADIVALOR!

We're excited to announce a collaborative effort with ADIVALOR, a leading French organization dedicated to responsible waste management in agriculture!

The Big Bag Management Scheme (Filière de gestion des Big Bags), established in October 2007 by UNION DES INDUSTRIES DE LA FERTILISATION in collaboration with AFCOME, effectively manages the recycling of Big Bags used in the sector. As of today, 165 partner companies specialized in fertilizer and soil amendment products participate in the scheme.

ADIVALOR plays a crucial role across all of France in:

♻ Collecting and recycling: the scheme works with a network of farmers, distributors, manufacturers, and recyclers to collect used plastic packaging, agricultural films, and even hazardous products like unused phytosanitary products.

♻Promoting a circular economy: By effectively collecting and processing this waste, such products are transformed into valuable resources, minimizing environmental impact and promoting a more sustainable agricultural ecosystem.

By joining this network, Hexagon is committed to ensuring that the bags used to transport our fertilizers are responsibly recycled. This initiative aligns perfectly with our commitment to sustainability throughout the entire fertilizer life cycle, from production to post-use.

Together with ADIVALOR, we can significantly contribute to a greener future for agriculture.

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