Donations 2022


Mission: None of a child may be left alone with a war trauma. 
The Foundation, based in Kiev, provides physiological and individual assistance to children and families affected by the war from all over the Ukraine. More than 50 psychologists are supporting those who need it both in person and by phone. The foundation helps to evacuate families, arrange the shelters, and provide further humanitarian and phycological support to people forced to flee their homes due to the war.


ATENPACE is an Association created in 1983 located in Madrid and declared of public utility.
Its mission is the comprehensive, educational, and therapeutic care of people with cerebral paralysis and throughout all stages of their lives with the aim of ensuring their maximum degree of well-being and personal development.


In 1982, the president of Fundacion Bobath established the first centre in Spain exclusively dedicated to the educational and therapeutic treatment of children affected with cerebral palsy. The donation of Hexagon Group will be dedicated to support the therapy and education of the 93 children severely affected with cerebral palsy that presently receive comprehensive treatment at the Fundacion Bobath centre in Madrid.


Ukrainian Red Cross Society staff and volunteers provide first aid, warm clothes, hygiene parcels, medicines and shelter support to those displaced. They're also assessing the emerging humanitarian needs by supporting hospitals, healthcare facilities, protection units, helping families to reunite and stay in contact, and repairing vital infrastructure.

The donation will be used to reach people in urgent need and support the ones affected by the conflict.

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