Hexagon Group acquires part of Triptik Trading SA

Hexagon Group is pleased to announce the partial acquisition of Coppet / Greater Geneva area based trading company Triptik Trading SA.

Triptik Trading SA has been established in Coppet, Switzerland at the end of 2018, and has grown rapidly in the area of petrochemicals trading and marketing. While the company traded only methanol at the beginning, other products such as aromatics, MTBE and MEG have been successfully added during 2020. Triptik Trading SA’s headquarters are in Coppet, with subsidiaries in Shanghai, China, and Houston, Texas. The company was founded by Mr. Thomas Reszler who is a veteran in this industry with more than twenty years of experience in methanol trading.

“We are really happy and excited that we can team up with Triptik Trading”, says Hexagon Executive Chairman Christian Wendel. “Thomas and his team are first class executives and great human beings, and the company has been a success story since inception. There are plenty of synergies between our two companies that will support and enhance each one’s business. It is important to state, however, that each company will be run and managed independently, Hexagon Group by our CEO Santiago Orol, and Triptik Trading by Thomas Reszler who is also Chairman of the Board of Directors.” Hexagon and Triptik are complementary companies in several business areas and this acquisition will result in interesting operational and administrative synergies. On top of that this partial acquisition underlines Hexagon’s strategy to grow both organically and externally whenever an interesting opportunity arises.

For more information about Triptik Trading please click here.

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