Aries Fertilisers representing Hexagon Group AG in India and Indonesia in Sulfuric Acid.

Hexagon Group AG is happy to announce that Aries Fertilisers Pte Ltd. will represent Hexagon Group AG in India and Indonesia in sulfuric acid, starting July 1, 2019. This co-operation is mutually exclusive for all imports to and exports from these two countries.

Aries Fertilisers Pte Ltd is a Singapore based marketing and trading company that is active predominantly in Asia with overall sales of close to three million tons of mainly fertilizers and fertilizer raw materials. The company’s two biggest markets are India and Indonesia where it has a combined sales volume of more than 1.5 million tons.

The CEO of Aries Fertilisers Pte Ltd is Mr. Pushkar Jamnerkar, who has been a colleague of many of Hexagon’s executives for many years. “We are convinced that Aries will be a first class representative to Hexagon in India and Indonesia,” says Christian Wendel, and continues “especially the fact that we can work again together with a known face gives us the comfort that we will achieve our targets in these two key sulfuric acid markets.”

Aries will act as agent on behalf of Hexagon.

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